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Tuesday Adult Intermediate & Advanced Coaching

Do you play to a good level, but want to improve your game?

This course focuses on the technical and tactical parts of tennis through different coach-led activities to enhance your overall playing standard.

Aimed at players that are on the cusp or are already facing competitive matches, this new course will hone your match skills with specific drills based upon actual match situations.

Simple ideas such as looking out for the nuances in racket angle before an opponent takes their shot or tips on noticing where the ball toss is on a serve to give you that all important one second advantage during match play. Even more tactical and technical ideas will be covered in this course to bring your matchplay to a whole new level.

Our intermediate and advanced course is for those players who are looking to develop their tactical game by enhancing their knowledge of tennis and its’ often unnoticed intricacies.

This course is suitable for adults playing regular tennis who are aware of basic strokes, spin, slice, serving and can hold a baseline to baseline rally with another player whilst hitting areas of the tennis court that enable them to construct a point.

Lead Coach

  • Daniel Kasambira
  • LTA Level 4 Senior Club Coach Qualification
  • LTA Accredited Plus

Essential information

  • Tuesdays 10am to 11:30am 15th September to 15th December.
  • Players should arrive changed, wearing comfortable sports clothing and non-marking trainers or tennis shoes.
  • Players should bring a bottle of water to keep themselves hydrated.
  • We recommend that players arrive at least 5 minutes before the start so that they are ready for the start of the session.

For further information please contact the coach Daniel on 07868 310100 or the club secretary on 07434 621395.