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Ladies Doubles Ladder 2022

Ladies Ladder Guidelines

Matches to be completed by 31.08.22

The object of the ladder is to get as high a ranking as possible by the end of the season, to meet new people and play some fun tennis! The top two couples will play off at the end of the season to determine the ultimate winners.

All matches will be two sets of standard tennis with a tie break at 6 all. The third ‘set’ is either a Championship Tie-Break (the first to 10 points by 2 clear points) or a full set. This must be by mutual agreement before play starts.

Challenges and Rankings

Players move up the ladder by challenging players ranked up to 3 places above them. If the lower ranked players win the match they move immediately above the higher ranked players. If they lose both couples stay where they are.

Players must respond to a challenge within 48 hours and set a mutually agreeable time and date.

Failure to respond or agree on a date when 3 are offered may result in a walkover for the challengers (see below)

Challengers must supply new tennis balls for the match.

If the challengers lose the match they must challenge two other couples before challenging the same couple for a rematch.


To be able to claim a walkover the challenger must have offered at least three dates to play on and the opponents must have refused these dates and not offered any agreeable alternatives.

If a match has been arranged and one couple fail to turn up the opposition couple can claim a walkover win of 6-0, 6-0, 10-0.

Match Results

Challenges and results are to be posted on the Ladies Ladder WhatsApp group. The group administrator will up date the ladder as soon as possible.