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Box League Rules

Standard rules of tennis will apply.

Full tennis rules can be found here –

Please Remember

This is not Wimbledon – You are not Sharapova or Kyrgios

Treat your Opponent with Respect

The object of the Box League is to get as high a ranking as possible by the end of each mini-season where there will be promotion and relegation before the next mini-season begins.

Due to COVID-19 the Box League was cancelled.

Mini-Season Dates

It is anticipated that there will be two rounds ending in a final play-off at the end of the season. The end of Box League Part 2 is;

19th March 2021

All matches must be ARRANGED BY 1st March 2021

and the date of match posted on the ‘2020 Doubles Ladder’ WhatsApp group.

No matches can be arranged after the match deadline of 1st March 2021.

All matches must be COMPLETED BY the end of 19th March 2021.

Any matches not completed in full, ie all 3 sets played, will have a only the completed games entered.

Everyone that has completed their matches before the 1at March 2021 will receive an additional 2 points for being so proactive in the league.

Do Not Forget…

Foot Faulting is Cheating
Foot Faulting is Cheating
Foot Faulting is Cheating

Keep both feet BEHIND the baseline when serving until you strike the ball

Do not be offended if you get called up for a foot fault – it is CHEATING.


Each team gets to play all other teams in the same Box, ie four matches per Box. 

At the end of the round, the team who come top in each Box gain promotion to the Box above, while the Team who come last move down to the Box below.

Entry is free, and is available for Brixworth Tennis Club members only. 

Contacting the Other Team

Teams should contact other teams in their Box to arrange a match at a time that is suitable to both. By participating in the Box, all players agree that their contact details will be shared with the other players in the Box League.

First named team in the fixture list should supply new tennis balls for the match.

Match Format

Box League matches will be played as three sets. The first two sets will be regular sets with a standard seven point tie break played if the score reaches six games all.

Please Remember all THREE sets must be played.

If the score is one set all or two sets to nil after two sets have been played, a championship tie break (first to 10 points, two points clear) should be played as a final set to the match.

If players wish to play a full set as the third set they may do so as long as everyone agrees. This third full set decision must be made before the start of the match, but the score for the set should be entered as 1-0 to the winner, to keep the scores the same as players who play the tie break.

If both teams players are not agreed, the tie break must be played.

Promotion & Relegation

To gain promotion a team must win their Box, and the team who come last will drop down a Box. Position within the group is worked out using the criteria below in the following order.

  1. Teams in each Box will be arranged in order of the number of matches they have won in the round.
  2. If two teams finish with the same amount of wins, the higher position will go to the team who won the head to head match between those two teams (if played).
  3. If three or more teams have the same amount of wins, or if two teams have tied but have not played each other, then the positions of these teams will be decided by the most matches played. If this decides one or more of the teams positions, but still leaves two teams equal, the positions of those two teams will go back to the head to head result.
  4. If there is still a tie, then the percentage of sets won out of total sets played in the round will be used.
  5. Finally the percentage of games won out of total games played in the round will be used.

Teams should play a minimum of two matches to be eligible for promotion, or to avoid relegation. If a team only plays one match, this may result in another team gaining a higher position over them. Playing no matches in a round may result in demotion to the next Box below.

Occasionally adjustments to positions may be necessary due to teams dropping out of the league, or new teams entering. While teams may be moved up a Box due to these adjustments, every effort will be made to ensure that nobody is moved down. If a team is moved up in this way, it will normally be a team who has retained their place in a lower Box who moves up, rather than one staying in the higher Box when they have come at the bottom.

Please ensure your results are given in as soon as possible after the end of the match.

This will ensure that the teams are put in the correct positions, it is essential that all teams submit their results with the full scores of the match played. Without this information it is very difficult to ensure the correct teams are promoted and relegated.

Submitting Results

Your results should be posted onto the correct WhatsApp group and a club committee member will update the Box League as soon as possible

New Doubles Pairs

New teams entering the box League will usually be entered into the lowest Box available, from where they can try to move up into the next Box.

Teams who are returning after having previously withdrawn from the Box Ladder will usually be put into the lowest Box in the round following their withdrawal, although if there is no place available in that Box they will be put in the highest available Box above that one.

Occasionally, depending on how many teams are in each Box, a new team may need to be placed in a higher Box if it is necessary.


A team may claim a walkover if they are unable to arrange a match at any time during the round with another team, due to the opponents being unable to play. To be able to claim a walkover, the team must have offered at least three dates to play, and the opponent must have refused these dates, and not offered any alternative dates – if both teams have suggested a date then no walkover can be claimed.

If two teams arrange to play a match, and one team fails to turn up on the arranged date, the other team should claim a default win of 6-0, 6-0, 10-0.

When submitting results, please list any walkovers separately from results of matches played.

Walkovers addition;

If match dates have been arranged and agreed and then subsequently cancelled twice by the same pairing then the opposition pairing may claim a walkover win of 6-0, 6-0, 10-0.

Court Booking

It is advised that members should book a court in advance of their match either at Brixworth Tennis Club or Kings Park Tennis Centre.

Match Warm Up

We have a guide to match warm ups here.

Fixtures & Posting Match Results

Fixtures can be found on the Box League spreadsheet. Fixtures are pre-set for each season as it is a league. You do not need to issue a challenge.for a box League match, you just need to arrange a date.

Results are to be posted on the correct WhatsApp group and a club committee member will update the Box Leagues as soon as possible.

– First Named Pair –

Do Not Forget To Book Your Court On The Booking System

Players are requested to play in a sporting and fair manner at all times.

If a player is not able to call a shot out with 100% certainty, then it is deemed to be IN and must be played, ‘lets’ can be played when mutually agreed.

Remember Tennis Reveals Character, Please Play Accordingly

The Committee reserve the right to add/alter the Box League Rules as the competition progresses.